Guy Playing Guitar

Rock Out All Night Long

Enjoy the best of the local music scene

Do you miss swaying to the sounds of a rocking guitar and harmonious voices? You can relive those glory days at Penobscot Pour House. Local cover bands put their own spin on classic hits, like "Stairway to Heaven," "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Highway to Hell." You'll feel like you traveled back in time during one of our regular jam sessions.

Come to our fun-filled bar on Friday and Saturday nights to listen to the greatest hits from a rock era gone by.

Switch up your weekend routine

Going to the same bars every weekend gets old quickly-unless you're coming to Penobscot Pour House.

We showcase different local bands each week, so you can enjoy listening to new takes on classic hits. We offer live music on:

  • Fridays: $3 for ladies and $5 for gentlemen
  • Saturdays: $5 for everyone

Show your military ID for free entry any night. To find out who's playing, call today.